Spyrolux is an experiment.

While each style of art is attributed to an individual, all are, in fact, created by one person.

So why do this?

The reason is a combination of several things. The primary one being that, while Spyrolux offers high-quality art for purchase, it's also a larger experiment in identity and creation.

This site is actually a form of performance art in addition to being a collection of art objects for purchase and enjoyment.

Traditionally, we tend to have a bias that artists "stay within their lanes" and are frequently penalized when they experiment outside of a particular style or medium.

The truth of art-making, however, is more complex.

No one person is any one thing, singularly. Each of us, like diamonds, has several facets to our identity. Just as we present different "faces" to those around us depending on context, closeness, or desired interaction, so, too does art emanate from any one or many of those faces at any given time.

Spyrolux is the exploration of this dynamic. In this exploration, like several tentacles all moving in independent directions, all eventually lead to a single source. A source that may, at any given time, represent itself in a multitude of incarnations. Each growing and evolving both independently of the other tentacles as well as in concert with them.

Spyrolux is both an acknowledgment of this traditional pigeon-holing bias and the celebration of the diversity of a single mind. With a little luck, it hopes to open us up to enjoying the act of creation along with championing a piece of art's creator.

Feel free to collect any one of these individual "identities", independent of the other. Or participate in the diversity of a single identity and collect across the many "identity faces" presented in the Spyrolux universe.

From one, multitudes.